Bryce Hall vs Austin Mcbroom Live streaming

A week after Floyd Mayweather bragged about being the best at "legalized bank robbing," it seems some YouTube and TikTok stars are hoping to join in on the fun.

In an event named "Battle of the Platforms" some influencers from YouTube and TikTok are fighting each other in boxing matches. The headlining fight is between YouTube's Austin McBroom and TikTok's Bryce Hall, and both are set to make a decent amount of money from this bout.

n a press release for the fight, LiveXLive (which is hosting the event) says this will be a "one of a kind, unprecedented live PPV entertainment mega event." In addition to the fights, there will also be musical acts from some well-known performers, so clearly there's plenty of money to go around.

Below, we'll focus mostly on the earnings between McBroom and Hall. 

How much will Bryce Hall earn vs. Austin McBroom?

Bryce Hall revealed he's set to earn $5 million from this fight the moment he steps in the ring. He shared a photo of what he claims is his contract with the $5 million figure in it, and shared that number again during an interview with No Jumper. Hall also revealed in that interview that he'll earn 4% of pay-per-view sales in addition to the $5 million contract. And he gets a $1 million bonus if he ends up getting a knockout. McBroom also confirmed the $5 million and $1 million figures.

How much will Austin McBroom earn vs. Bryce Hall?

While the exact figures for McBroom aren't public, he did share some information about how much he'll make in this fight. He confirmed Hall's $5 million salary for this fight in an interview with The Hollywood Fix. In that interview, he shared that he's willing to make less than Hall in order to make this fight happen.

“I told the team, I said look, I’ll agree, for Bryce Hall to fight me, I’ll agree to make less money than him," McBroom said.

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